Welcome to VerseMUD

VerseMUD is a MUD which has been under development for nearly 10 years. We aim to bring together a number of sci-fi & fantasy tropes in a unique twist. Drawing on the themes common in Shadowrun, Altered Carbon, Stellaris and much more, we are crafting an original setting with a number of robust systems for players to explore and tell stories in.

Get started

You can connect to VerseMUD using a MUD client. We recommend Mudlet (free | multi-os) or BeipMU (free | windows) but there are many other possible client choices.

To configure your MUD client to connect to VerseMUD use:

Address Port Number Protocol
versemud.com 4000 Classic Telnet
versemud.com 4002 TLS Secured

Note: VerseMUD is currently under development! We're looking for creators and coder staff. VerseMUD isn't quite ready for players yet.

Recent News

Date Update
October 18th, 2021 VerseMUD is now hosted in the cloud
September 10th, 2021 VerseMUD now has a wiki!